Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cameras available for checkout

The darkroom offers a wide variety of equipment available for use in-house as well as equipment that can be checked out of the building. Below is a list of cameras available for use by students and faculty. For the cameras requiring an access list, you must be taught the camera by your teacher, who will let us know to add your class to the list.**The following equipment is only available to students currently enrolled in a Steinhardt photo class, Studio Art majors or MFA students.**


Nikon FM10 (35mm) 

Zeiss Ikon (35mm Rangefinder)

Yashica (Twin Lens Reflex, Medium Format)

Mamiya C330 (Twin Lens Reflex, Medium Format)

Pentax 6x7 - with or without Polaroid Back
(Medium Format -- must be on access list)

Mamiya Rz67 (Medium Format)

Pentax 645 (Medium Format) 

Mamiya 645 (Medium Format)

Mamiya 7II (Medium Format Rangefinder)

Holga (Medium Format 6x6) 

4x5 camera (Large Format)

Toyofield 4x5 
(Must be on access list to use, Large Format)

Pinhole Camera (4x5, Large Format)

Nikon D3200 (Digital)

Canon Rebel T3i (Digital)

Canon Rebel T6i (Digital)

Fuji X100T
(Digital Rangefinder - must be on access list to use)

Canon 5D Mark II
w/ 24-105mm lens
 (must be on access list to use)


Canon 5D Mark IV
w/ 24-105mm lens 
(must be on access list to use)

Sony A7R II w/50mm lens
(must be on access list to use)

Beastgrip Smartphone Rig Kit 
(comes with wide angle lens, fish eye lens and LED light) 

Bower 4x Telephoto Lens
(for use with Beastgrip Kit)

Polaroid 2x Telephoto Lens 
(for use with Beastgrip Kit) 

Smoooth-Q Phone Stabilizer

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