Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lighting equipment available for checkout

**The following equipment is only available to students currently enrolled in a Steinhardt photo class, Studio Art majors or MFA students.**

Tota Light Kit (includes 2 heads, 2 stands, 2 cables and 2 umbrellas)

Omni lights (2 heads, 2 cables, and 2 stands)

Fresnell lights (includes 3 stands, 3 cables, and 3 light heads)

Strobe Lights (Must be on access list to use)
2 lights per pack - includes sync cables & power cords
In-house only

Strobe stand
In-house only

Beauty dish (works with strobes)
In-house only

Softbox (works with strobes)
In-house only

Snoot (works with strobes)
In-house only

Ring flash

Vivitar flashes
72 hour checkout

Genaray LED Light 

Itellytech Light Stix

Photek Soflighter II

 (colors available: sliver/white, white/white and gold/white)
72 hr checkout

Light Reflecting Kit
72 hour checkout

Portable Backdrop System 
72 hour checkout

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